Movie Theater Chains

National Amusements is a movie theater chain owned by CBS Corporation (who owns CBS) and Viacom (who owns Paramount). Their slogan in the 1990s was "Welcome to the Show". The company was founded in 1936 as the Northeast Theater Corporation by Michael Redstone. National Amusements is now owned by Michael Redstone's son, Sumner Redstone, who owns 80% of the company and Sumner's daughter, Shari Redstone, who owns the remaining 20%.The company operates more than 1,500 screens across the United States, the United Kingdom, Latin America and Russia under its Showcase Cinemas, Multiplex Cinemas, Cinema de Lux, and KinoStar brands.

Here is the policy trailer for National Amusements from the 1990s:

Here is the parking advice and feature presentation from the 1990s: