Movie Theater Chains

General Cinema was a chain of movie theaters that operated from 1935 until 2002. At its peak operated approximately 621 screens, some of which were the first cinemas certified by THX. Its mascot was Popcorn Bob and his Candy Band, which graced the company's policy trailers from 1993 until 2002 and were created by Lucasfilm. Starting in the 1960s General Cinema diversified into other businesses; at times they owned the department store Neiman Marcus, the publisher Harcourt Brace, radio stations in several major markets (notably WEFM in Chicago, WZGC in Atlanta, WGCL in Cleveland and WIFI in Philadelphia), and the TV station WCIX in Miami. They joined a joint venture theater chain with Hoyts, known as Hoyts General Cinema, that had locations throughout South America. The company suffered greatly when it filed for bankruptcy protection in 2000. They also switched their beverage supplier from Pepsi to Coca-Cola in 2001. What remained of the company was acquired by AMC Theaters in 2002. With the acquisition, the Credits program merged into the MovieWatcher network.

Here is the feature presentation for General Cinema from the 1970s:

Here is the "Space Candy" policy trailer and "Clouds" feature presentation from the 1980s:

Here is the "Candy Band" policy trailer from the 1990s: